Suggested method of using Books Erik

To add a book select the menu "+ Add Book"
Enter the name of the author, if applicable the name of the series, and the title of the book.
If the book is part of a series preceed the title with the number of the book in the series.
For example:
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Series: The Lord of the Rings
Title: 2 The Two Towers

Next to the Author and Series is a selection button to select from authors or series already in your library.
You can enter the genre (Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, etc.) either by selecting one from the list or entering your own genre.
You can mark wether you have read the book or not and if so, you can enter the date when you have read the book.
Finally you can place some comments.

Click on 'Add' to add the book to your library.

To view your list of books, select the menu 'Books'.
The default layout shows you the name of the author in large characters.
All books of the author are grouped below the name.
The names of the series (if present) are in smaller characters and the titles of the books belonging to that series are grouped below the name of the series.
The titles of the books are listed in light blue characters.
You can modify the layout with the Layout menu.

At the top you can enter the name of the author, title or series that you are looking for.
You do not have to enter the full name. If you enter e.g. "po" then you will see all your books written by Edgar Allen Poe, but also by Poul Anderson.
Also if "po" appears in the title of a book or the name of the series, it will show up, like "Breaking Point" or "Poseidon's Children".

At the bottom you can see six browse buttons to go one page back and forth (1 arrow), several pages (2 arrows) or to go to the top or the bottom of the list (2 arrows + bar). In between the six buttons you'll see the book numbers in the list.

Doubletap a title to see all information of the book.
At the bottom you'll see buttons to edit the information of the book, to copy the book so you can add a book easily that has the same author and series. And you can delete a book.

You can use Books Erik on multiple devices, e.g. your desktop and your smartphone.
On your desktop you can have a large screen with a lot of information at the same time.
Your smartphone is very useful to carry your book list with you, so when you see a book in a book store, you can easily check if you already possess that book.

If you make changes to your book list on one device, you can easily synchronize the database with your other devices.
There are two methods for that:

You have full control of how the information of your books is being displayed.
You can set which items will be displayed like name of the author, series, title, genre, date read and comments.
For each of these items you can set the font size, background color, text color, position, etc.

Several default layouts have been programmed and you can add as many as you like.

For more information on how to do this, check out Layout

In Settings you can set which layout should be used to display the information of the books.

You can set the number of books that should be displayed at the same time. A large number will make a mobile device a bit slow in its responses.
50 is a good number.

You can set the date format that will be used to display when you have read a book.