With the Layout function you have full control of the layout of the information being displayed.
The following information items are available:
  • Author
  • Title
  • Series
  • Genre
  • Date when read
  • Comment
For each of these information items you can determine to display them or not, the position, the size, the font, the colors, etc.
Three default layouts are preprogrammed: Default 1, Default 2 and Default 3.
You can load these layouts and use them to work on or as an example.

At the bottom you'll see a set of command buttons. Click on the button in the image below to see more information.

Layout Buttons Open layoutSave layoutDelete layoutPreview layoutName of the layoutWidthHeightBoldItalicAlign leftAlign centerAlign rightIndent left/rightFontFont sizeText colorBackground colorCopy propertiesMove itemGroupItemAdd / Delete