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This is the Settings screen of Cyclist Erik.
Here you can modify some general settings and see basic information.
Layout Select the layout to be used during cycling and play back of recordings.
Cycling / Orientation Select the orientation of the display during cycling. This depends on how you have mounted your mobile device on your bicycle: Portrait or Landscape. During cycling this orientation will not change. You can also select Adaptive. The orientation then will change with the turning of the mobile device. However, this way the orientation might change on a sharp turn.
Cycling / Margin When a blind map is being displayed, you can move outside the view of the map. In that case the blind map will be scaled automatically to put you in view again. The margin is the distance to the border that will be used for the scaling. 5000 means that a border of 5 km will be used. So if you continue to move in the same direction, the map will be scaled again after 5 km.
Play back / Margin The same as the Cycling Margin, but during the play back of a recording.