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A Guide file is a GPX file.
This is a standard format to describe routes and special locations.

The core of a GPX file is a set of coordinates describing the route to follow while cycling.
In Cyclist Erik these coordinates are shown as yellow arrows on the blind map.

The GPX file also can contain special locations (waypoints) in this case Cycling Points (Fietsknooppunten).
These are shown in Cyclist Erik at the upper right section of the page.
For each cycling point the distance to that point along the route is being shown.

If the GPX file does not contain cycling points, they are still shown on the blind map, but the distance along the route will not be shown.

A GPX file can be created with route planners.
Most route planners have the feature to store the route as a GPX file.
For the Netherlands you can use Routeplanner Fietsersbond. For Belgium you can use Fietsnet
Step by step description how to create a GPX file for Cyclist Erik

Click on the menu button and select Load guide.
You can also use the context menu.
Tap and hold anywhere on the page.
After releasing a menu pops up to select a guide..

Use the menu in the Cycling page to activate speech recognition.
Speech commands are waypoints, guide, map and directions.

No, you do not need an internet connection. No data is being sent or received.
Even speech recognition works without internet connection.
The only reason for the internet connection is the Support Ticket to contact us with a question.
In fact it is recommended to use Cyclist Erik in airplane mode to spare the battery.