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This is the Cycling Menu screen of Cyclist Erik.
These options are available during cycling.
The buttons are extra large to make clicking them easier during cycling.
The following options are available:
What can I say? Show all speech commands. Default these are map and directions to switch between the two default layouts: blind map and tour description. You can modify these commands to add speech commands to the layouts. You can also tap the option to switch to the desired layout.
Load Tour Load the tour description you want to use during your cycling tour.
Set Start Time When Cyclist Erik has been interrupted during a tour, you can set the original start time again. This way the distance and the blind map will be shown correctly.
Speech On Turn speech recognition on, so Cyclist Erik will listen permanently to spoken commands.
Speech Off Speech recognition will be turned off.
Stop cycling The Cycling Screen is stopped. Normal control is resumed with the menu button at the top left.
Cancel Remove the Cycling Menu and resume showing the Cycling screen.