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Step by step: how to create a GPX file for the Guide

  • Go to the site Routeplanner Fietsersbond
    The site is in Dutch, but you can switch to English by selecting the language flag at the upper right.
  • Find your starting point on the map, click on the map and click on 'from'. A green flag will appear.
  • If you want to end at your starting point, click on 'biking tour' at the top.
  • Select 'more options' at the top.
  • Check 'Junction Network' to ensure cycling points are incorporated in the route information.
  • At the top of the map area click on the white button 'LF and junction network'. This will show you all cycling points.
  • Now click in the correct order on the cycling points of your tour and each time click on 'via'.
  • Finally click on 'Get directions' or 'Get a bike route' at the top.
  • Route information will appear at the left side. Click on 'GPS'.
  • Check 'GPS-route bewaren' and click on 'Genereer nieuw GPS bestand'.
  • Finally click on 'GPX bestand'. This is the file you can use as Guide in Cyclist Erik.