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How can I use Cyclist Erik

The best way for creating a tour is by using a route planner, optimized for cycling and able to export the information to a GPX file.
For the Netherlands you can use Routeplanner Fietsersbond. For Belgium you can use Fietsnet.
Step by step description how to create a GPX file for Cyclist Erik

You can also use a simple text file as a tour description created with Notepad, for example a list of cycling points with some extra information.
The easiest way to do this is on your desktop.
Keep in mind that the tour description must be readable on a mobile device, so keep texts short.

You need a USB cable to copy the file.
Make sure both your desktop system and your mobile device are switched on and log on to both of them.
Now connect both devices with the USB cable.
A File Explorer window should now appear on your desktop system for your mobile device.
On your mobile device you have to give permission to access the file management system.
In the File Explorer window on your desktop computer go to the Downloads folder of your mobile device.
Copy the GPX file or the tour description to this folder.

Select the menu Guides.
Tap the Import icon at the bottom.
Select the GPX file and it will be copied.

Select the menu Tours.
Tap the Import icon at the bottom.
Select the file and it will be copied.

Tap in the menu Cycling.
Tap the menu button at the upper left and tap Load Guide
Select the guide and tap OK.
You'll now see the yellow tracks to guide your cycling tour.
At the upper right you'll see the cycling points and the distances to these cycling points.

You're ready to go.

During cycling you'll see a lot of useful information.
At the upper left you'll see the speed in large characters and below that the distance.
Below these you'll see the heading, the battery status and the time.

At the upper right you'll see the cycling points and the distance to these points.

On the blind map you'll see the yellow tracks of your cycling route and the cycling points.
Your own position is marked with a white circle, followed by a white trail of the last 500 m.

You can view a recording of your cycling tour.
Select the Recordings menu
Select a recording by double tapping it.
Note: you cannot view today's recording. If you want to do that
upload it first and use the External button.
You will see a list of time, coordinates, speed and heading.
To view the map tap on the map button
To replay the recording tap on the replay button