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Welcome to Cyclist Erik

With Cyclist Erik on your mobile device you can see the following information during your cycling tour:

  • Current speed
  • Distance since start of the tour
  • Cycling points ahead of you
  • Track of the route to follow
  • All cycling points close by
  • Distance to nearest cycling points along your route
  • Location as latitude and longitude
  • Heading in degrees
  • Heading in compass
  • Blind map
  • Tour directions
  • Time
  • Battery status

The same Windows 10 app works on both your desktop and your mobile device.
So you can prepare your tour on your desktop, transfer the tour directions to your mobile device and start cycling.

You can modify the layout of the screen to your own liking.
For instance minimal information like distance and speed, so you have all the more room for the blind map or the guide.
Default there are three layouts showing all the information. One with a tour description, one with a blind map and a third with a guide.

Each layout can have one or more speech commands to quickly display the layout.
This way you can switch layouts hands free during cycling.
Operating your mobile device during cycling can be difficult. With speech it works like a charm.

All data is recorded automatically: location, time, speed and heading.
So you can replay the recording (at any speed) and see your tour displayed on the map, again both on your mobile device and your desktop.

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