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The is the Cycling page of Cyclist Erik.
Here you'll find all information useful during cycling.

In order to display as much information as possible, there is no menu button at the top.
You can display the Cycling menu by tapping the menu button in the upper left, next to the distance.
The orientation of the screen is locked in portrait, so it will not change when you take a sharp turn. You can modify this in Settings.

The following information is being displayed:
Speed Your cycling speed (km/h).
Distance The distance that you have travelled since the start of your cycling tour.
Cycling waypoints The next cycling waypoints on your route with the distance till the waypoint.
Waypoints between parentheses are waypoints that you have passed.
Coordinates Your current location in latitude and longitude.
Heading Your heading in degrees and on a compass.
0=North, 90=East, 180=South, 270=West.
Battery state Battery state. 100% means fully charged.
Time The current time.
Menu button Show the Cycling menu.
Guide Blind map of your cycling tour working as a guide during cycling.
  • All cycling waypoints near you.
  • The yellow tracks of the route you should follow.
  • A white trail of the last 500 m. that you have travelled.
Blind map Blind map of your cycling tour.
Only the route you have travelled is being displayed.